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Deliver Us

Sermon Notes

1. Moses & the Exodus are major themes of the rest of the Bible: Moses appears with Elijah on the Mount. of Transfiguration & in Acts both Steven and Paul defend the New Covenant with references to Moses


2. Historical: The 15th and 16th Dynasties of Egypt were non-Egyptians (possibly Joseph's Pharaoh in Gen. 41), the Pharaoh in Ex. 1:8 could be the founder of the 18th Dynasty. The 18th Dynasty fits well Jud. 11:26 and 1 Ki. 6:1


3. 3 women preserve Moses' life to become the deliver and God's hand is seen in Pharaoh's daughter's actions


4. Moses probably knew all along, that doesn't change his conviction (Acts 7:25, Heb. 11:24-25)

Next Week (7/23/2023) 

The Name they did not know?

Ex. 3-11

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